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Is Diabetes Curable?

November 27, 2009

I’m getting ready to host a 2nd screening of “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes” in my area, and wanted to share why I’m so passionate about this documentary.  When I first heard about it, I figured it might be pretty dry viewing (which is still right up my alley since I’m one of these odd people who likes this kind of thing.) 😉   I was definitely not expecting a “feel-good entertainment” flick.

The documentary starts off by introducing 6 random participants who have 1 thing in common; they are all diabetic.  They come from different backgrounds, ethnicity, age groups, and states.  Four have type 2 diabetes and two have type 1 diabetes.  All 6 are flown to the Tree of Life Institute in Patagonia, AZ for 30 days of eating only raw food (fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds).  You can click here to view the trailer.

Within days, amazing things are already happening.  Blood sugar is dropping by leaps and bounds, and a few participants are already completely off their insulin and other medications.  This is the point when my emotions really started to get involved.  Watching their renewed hope, excitement and wonder kept me genuinely captivated.  I developed a strong affinity for these people and a growing compassion for their journey.  They were willing to go through this because life had to change.  After being given no hope by their doctors for ever curing their dis-ease, they were willing to abandon the “norm” and commit to some pretty serious lifestyle changes.

is a construction worker from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has Type I (genetically inherited) diabetes.
Bill is a retired chiropractor from Long Beach, California. He has Type II (adult-onset) diabetes.
Henry is a casino worker from Reno, Nevada, and a direct descendant of the hereditary chiefs of the Pima tribe. He has Type II (adult-onset) diabetes.
Kirt is a graduate student from Baltimore, Maryland, and co-owner of a janitorial company. He was diagnosed with Type II (adult-onset) diabetes, but has recently been re-diagnosed with Type I (genetically inherited) diabetes.
Michelle is a receptionist and full-time mom from New York City, New York. She has Type II (adult-onset) diabetes.
Pam is a postal worker from Sarasota, Florida. She has Type II (adult-onset) diabetes.

As it unfolds, the participants forge strong bonds as they see each other through the ups and downs.  This film captures the essence of why my heart is enamored by the strength and plight of the human spirit.

The scientific, results-oriented side of me was also appeased.  The entire journey is led by a doctor.  I, personally, do not believe in the western medical model since it is based on drugs that suppress symptoms (rather than addressing the root cause by identifying and clearing nutritional deficiencies and detoxifying the body).  Still, I was glad to see a “doctor on hand”.  The blood sugar, blood pressure, and other vitals are continually monitored.  A large number of Americans will not believe any health-related information unless it comes straight from a doctor, so it’s encouraging to know that more people will be open to the information presented.

One of my favorite parts of the film is when Pam goes to see her regular doctor after the 30 days.  He is shocked to see how great she looks and to hear that she’s off her medications.  His response; “Can I ship my patients to Arizona?”  It was so interesting to see this new dymanic since many patients believe their doctor has ultimate power and authority, and sometimes even feel they are being “talked down to”.  This doctor was humble enough, and obviously cared enough to be open to this information on how to truly help his patients.  Inspiring!

I highly recommend everyone watch this video.  Diabetes is a serious epidemic.  An outrageous and growing number of Americans are now suffering from disease.  This documentary proves beyond a doubt that we are ultimately in charge of and responsible for our own individual health.

When I purchased my dvd from the official Simply Raw website, I noticed that they even offer a 30 day money back guarantee. They also provide a plethora of educational resources to learn how to incorporate raw food meals into your lifestyle.  I am truly grateful that this information is available.  My hope is that you will be as inspired as I am, and take the steps towards living a healthy and vibrant life!


Appreciating the beauty of simplicity…

November 27, 2009
God makes beautiful food…

I’m amazed at how much my life has changed since I began my journey into discovering raw foods.  10 years ago I was completely addicted to refined sugar; mainly in the form of candy…my family can attest to this. ;-) A raspberry would never have appealed to me unless it was covered in chocolate.  Since I’ve allowed my body to cleanse from the chemicals, processed foods, and refined sugars…my whole palate sings to a different tune!  Now when I eat a simple raspberry, it’s like an explosion of flavor filled with complexity!  I never would have imagined myself craving simple, raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and/or seeds.  I even crave…(gulp!)… kale!  I remember reading a Victoria Bouteynko book where she talked about salivating over greens…and thinking “this woman is absolutely out of her mind”.  Alas, I, too must be out of my mind…and it sure does feel good! :)

One of keys to making my transition to raw foods a success has been the use of my Vitamix!  Anyone reading this who owns one knows exactly what I’m talking about…it simply makes food preparation…well, simple.  I highly recommend watching one of the informative videos on their website;  The warranty, customer support, and machine itself are all phenomenal!  You can use my affiliate code: 06-003851 to receive free shipping ($25 value) at the check out.  Blessings on your path to radiant health! 🙂

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