This Woman’s Transformation Will Shock & Inspire You!

Who am I talking about?…The lovely Angela Stokes-Monarch!  Angela suffered years of morbid obesity, low energy, skin problems,  depression, and lack of ability to truly connect with others.  Her life has been radically transformed… or as she says “unrecognizable” from the life she used to live.  How did she do it?  Hint: It wasn’t a diet pill or hundreds of hours at the gym…

Angela Before & After Going Raw

A friend of hers (or maybe an angel in disguise? 😉 ) lent her a book on the raw food lifestyle.  By this point, Angela was READY for change.  Most of us wait until we hit rock bottom to make changes, and by that point we may not feel we have the energy, ability to focus on adjusting our habits and lifestyle, or in some cases even the will to survive.  Change is ALWAYS possible! Transformation is always there if you say YES to it.

In an earlier post I wrote how I’m a big supporter of “baby steps” (unless you’re one of those super-determined people who doesn’t let a little thing like detox bog you down).  Here is just one reason why I have IMMENSE respect for Angela; She went completely raw OVERNIGHT and stuck with it!!!  I’ve never personally suffered from morbid obesity so I never had that level of pain to drive me…which is why I took baby steps.  I love the way she humbly inspires with her words…”If I can do it, I know you can, too!”  And she is RIGHT.  But you have to be willing. Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom.  Or if you’re already there…be willing to trust, believe, hope, and take those steps.

<b> Raw Emotions</b>, by Angela Stokes

Angela has done an amazing job of compiling all the right information to make your transition easier.  I bought her book Raw Emotions, by Angela Stokes which details the strong link between food and emotions, and shares tons of great advice, tools, tips, and inspiration to keep you motivated!

Here is a quote from Angela’s site…have you ever felt this way? “Back in 2002, I was 23 years old, about 19 stone (266lbs/120kg), UK dress size 26-28 and lost in miserable cycles of a non-existent love-life, uncontrollable overeating and complete denial. My pride stopped me discussing my weight with even my closest friends and if anyone tried to broach the subject with me, I strongly resented them for ‘interfering’.” Angela is living proof that you can change…if you are willing. Please don’t let pride hold you back…

Let me be clear; this is not about a beauty contest or a battle of will.  This is about YOU feeling your absolute BEST.  This is about healing; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  The reason I chose the title for my blog (aside from the fact that all the other good ones were taken ;)) is that it has 2 equally important meanings; Healthy Passion (my passion for health), and Heal Thy Passion…because that is exactly what happened to me.  My passion and zest for life have literally been healed and renewed!

As I said before, I’ve never been morbidly obese.  But like Angela, I have felt depressed, lethargic, low self-esteem, inability to connect with others, anxiety, unmotivated, etc.  That is no way to live!  The temporary comfort I would get from eating an ice cream sundae full of refined sugars is simply not worth trading for the longer lasting energy, passion, and joy I now have.  I’ve found that temporary comforts often include negative side effects that lead to downward spirals.  The greatest part is that now I CRAVE fruits and veggies!  Seriously, it takes time but it will happen if you choose to take the steps.

I highly recommend Angela’s e-book (or hard copy) ‘Raw Emotions’.  This book is AMAZING on so many levels.  It really gave me much needed clarity and inspiration on my own personal journey.  She has many other wonderful offerings on her site as well.

Angela goes on to say “My weight had steadily increased since my thyroid gland went under-active aged 11. By 16, I was 16 stone (224lbs/101kg) and my weight increased with my age, a stone a year, until by age 21, at my university graduation in 2000, I was 21 stone (294lbs/133kg). That was the heaviest I reached and when my health began to suffer so much that I thought I had diabetes, I knew this couldn’t continue.

Best Selling Books and DVDs from the Raw FamilyTwo summers later I was introduced to the idea that revolutionized my life. A friend lent me ‘The Raw Family’ by the Boutenkos – a testimonial book about eating mainly or only raw foods for optimum health. I was utterly absorbed- I’d never been interested in diets, health fads or slimming aids and suddenly it seemed the right answer was in my hands. I began the very next day and the improvements in my health over the next weeks were astonishing. You could almost see the weight burn off me – I’ll never forget seeing my collar bone again for the first time in years; my skin and hair quality improved dramatically, my energy soared and I was filled  with vitality and a new hunger – for real life.

Within just a month of going raw, I had my first boyfriend in over 5 years – I was thrilled and increasingly inspired and dedicated to my new lifestyle. I found that as I became less of myself physically, I became more of myself as a whole person. I began to open up in ways that I hadn’t found possible before, allowing truth, honesty and trust to develop. I had been locked up in that body for so long and now the real me was appearing & generating much interest, especially from men. 😉

<b>e-book</b> - <b>RawReform:</b> Revealing the Physical ChangesIt’s been over five years since I started eating raw and I’m happier than I’ve ever been – I’m now UK dress size 10, can wear whatever clothes I like, eat delicious raw food daily and take great pleasure in treating myself well.

I will always bear the scars of my experiences – physically, my skin is marked and emotionally and spiritually I experienced great depths of loneliness, depression and insecurity that take time to heal.

However, the process has been an extraordinary learning experience and I would not wish to change what I’ve been through to become the woman I am today.”

If you find this as inspiring as I do, I invite you to visit Angela’s website!  I’ve placed a link below for you to explore her work.  With love ~Holly

RawReform Weightloss


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