Appreciating the beauty of simple foods…

God makes beautiful food...

I’m amazed at how much my life has changed since I began my journey into discovering raw foods.  10 years ago I was completely addicted to refined sugar (mainly in the form of candy…my family can attest to this 😉 ).  A raspberry would never have appealed to me unless it was covered in chocolate.  Since I’ve allowed my body to cleanse from the chemicals, processed foods, and refined sugars…my whole palate sings to a different tune!  Now when I eat a simple raspberry, it’s like an explosion of flavor filled with complexity!  I never would have imagined myself craving simple, raw fruits, veggies, nuts, and/or seeds.  I even crave…(gulp!)… kale!  I remember reading a Victoria Bouteynko book where she talked about salivating over greens…and thinking “this woman is absolutely out of her mind”.  Alas, I, too must be out of my mind…and it sure does feel good! 🙂

One of keys to making my transition to raw foods a success has been the use of my Vitamix!  Anyone reading this who owns one knows exactly what I’m talking about…it simply makes food preparation…well, simple.  I highly recommend watching one of the informative videos on their website;  The warranty, customer support, and machine itself are all phenomenal!  You can use my affiliate code: 06-003851 to receive free shipping ($25 value) at the check out.  Blessings on your path to radiant health! 🙂


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