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From Apathy to Energy! My Journey to Transformation…

December 1, 2009

So how did I go from being a girl who lived on Funyuns, Dr. Pepper, microwave dinners, and eating 95% raw, organic fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds?

Well, I was walking through Giant Eagle one day when I stumbled upon the “natural/ organic” food aisle. (Yes, it was just one single aisle at that time…my how times have changed!).  “Hmmm…what the heck is ‘organic’?”  I pondered.  I’m naturally curious (or maybe just nosy ;-))  so I began inspecting the packages for clues.  ‘No chemical pesticides’, ‘Non-GMO’ (“huh?”), ‘No artificial flavors or colors’.  Lucky for me (at least in this case); I’m also experimental.  This all sounded pretty intriguing.  So on this cold, winter day in northeast Ohio my entire shopping extravaganza went “organic” and my path took a sharp turn in the right direction.

Now switching to organics definitely gave me more energy but I was still tired a lot.  The guy I was dating was really into working out and said “I think you need more protein”.  I was still eating meat and other high protein foods at the time but at this point I knew very little about true nutrition so I thought “maybe he’s right!”.

And so began my quest for an organic protein source.  Google brought back millions of results.  There was one that really stuck out, though;  “No denatured, highly heated egg whites or genetically modified soy.  Raw, organic whey protein from grass-fed cows who have never been administered synthetic steroids or antibiotics.”  That certainly all made sense!

By this point, I was already well aware of how laced our food supply is with chemicals, but I had no idea that simply heating food changes the chemical structure and devitalizes it.  I read how heating actually cross-links the proteins making them really hard to break down and absorb.  It explained how raw foods contain living enzymes (energized protein molecules) that literally are the life-force of our foods and our bodies!  Heating over 115 degrees (some say even lower temps) breaks down/ kills these living catalysts that are necessary for literally every function in the body.  The site educated me on how lack of enzymes is a major contributor (or main cause) for fatigue, age spots, digestion issues, etc, and that our bodies can only produce so many enzymes to break down cooked foods.  Once we run out; we literally die!

Want to go raw? Start here!Eating raw food as a solution still didn’t enter my mind as a possibility or even as a semi-reasonable option.  Remember, I’d only been off of Funyuns and Dr. P for a little while.  I’m definitely a supporter of “baby steps” unless you’re one of those super-intense, determined people who doesn’t let a little thing like detox bog you down.  I am definitely not one of those people.  You can call me a wimp…I won’t deny that physical comfort is on my list of “top things to constantly maintain”, although detox is detox no matter how you slice it.  There WILL be some discomfort – but it is well worth the new energy level and enhanced vitality!  If you can handle it, take the full on dive and you’ll get through to the other side much quicker.  Like I said…it took me a little longer.  The important thing is that you’re moving forward and not backwards.  (But do NOT beat your self up when you “slip up”.  Negative emotions = more cravings and urges!)

I bought the whey protein but I also decided to try the “5 kit”, which promised to contain every nutrient essential for life.  It came with a 1 month supply of enzymes (to take with cooked meals),  EFA oils (essential fatty acids; omega 3, 6, and 9 in the proper ratios), coral calcium (for minerals and ph balance in the body), greens mix (cereal grasses and other ingredients chock full of nutrients), and colostrum (a powerful, natural immune booster).  I was ready to give it a go!

Within days of using the 5 kit, I started experiencing something I had seriously never felt (even as a kid); TRUE ENERGY!  My mood was better, my mind was clearer, my body felt lighter and more energetic.  “Maybe there’s just a strange planetary alignment…or could it be…the 5 kit?” 😉 Clarity, energy, and passion are 3 ingredients missing from most of our lives.  We are abundant in so many ways…but true energy (as in “non-caffeinated”) is not one of them.  I can remember always thinking “I’m just not athletic” or “I’m just not that motivated to obtain a bunch of worldly possessions” (a.k.a. “an excuse to be lazy”). Now that I was experiencing this new energy, I was realizing that I wasn’t just lazy or depressed or apathetic…I WAS MALNOURISHED! What an explosive revelation!!!  I could let go of the lack of self-esteem that low energy had fostered since I always thought it was just something “wrong with me”.  I realized that nothing else mattered if I lacked the energy to enjoy life or achieve my goals…(“wait, did I just say ‘goals’?  I have goals now?!  Yes!!!” ;-)).  This was when my new aspiration in life became “energy addict”.  I love my occupation and life purpose! 🙂

Now here is the part to beware of; the supplements industry is largely unregulated.  Unless there is 3rd party testing or guarantees, you really have no idea if what you’re getting is going to have positive or even negative effects on your health.  Here is what to look for;

  • Are your vitamins synthetic isolates or from natural sources?  I  highly recommend throwing your synthetic vitamins in the trash…since that’s what they really are anyways.  Yes, that includes Centrum.  Sorry!
  • Were the ingredients grown in pure soil?
  • Are the ingredients organic and non-irradiated?
  • Do they contain toxic flow agents like magnesium stearate?
  • Are they in non-GMO vegetable capsules (as opposed to gelatin made from animal hooves potentially containing toxic prions)?
  • Are they clinically tested and proven effective?

I can honestly say that this company and Dr. Marshall (who formulates these products) completely changed my life and altered my path. I used to believe it was pure luck that I stumbled upon that site, but now I know better; God definitely had this all written in the stars for me 🙂

I’ve experienced a lot of suffering caused by lack of true physical health, although it wasn’t obvious to those around me since nearly EVERYONE is suffering the same debilitating effects from our devastated food supply.  Depression, low energy, anxiety, headaches, irritability, inability to  truly connect with others, etc are all feelings I experienced at one point in my life. (Many of which lead to guilt…further fueling bad food choices, overeating, etc.) Our physical and emotional health are absolutely linked and cannot truly be separated.  Your body really IS your temple…so if you find yourself having the spirit of anger, irritation, depression, or anxiety invading your life…it’s time to invite love, joy, and peace over by changing what’s on the dinner menu.  You’ll find you attract happier guests 😉

Note: Even though I eat about 95% raw, organic foods, I do still take supplements.  Our soil is severely depleted (even soil used for growing organic foods) meaning there is 5-6 times less nutrients than was in the foods our ancestors ate 100 yrs ago.  QNCenter is 100% “beyond organic” (exceeds all current set organic standards), 100% free of any toxic ingredients (like sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, magnesium stearate, etc), and uses only the correct, medicinal species (unlike many “health” products sold).  I could go on and on…if you’re interested in learning more, their website has lots of resources to educate you!  Use coupon code 356400 to receive 10% off of any size order.  (I’ve placed a link to their site below.)

Yours in Health!


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